A Summer Dress which is not a nightie


On hot summer days I wish to have a pretty night gown, made of cooling silk… This happens each year…

Last year I started this project and I choosed an inexpensive silk blend which I bought on sale for 5 Euro the entire piece.

I choosed an A line dress shape which I finished around the neckline and arm openings with bias tape.

It came out quickly and very nice. So nice that I decided to wear it as a dress not as a nighty. I whish I had seen the printed failure on the fabric before sewing it… Anyhow, I think it’s still a pretty dress and the fabric damage  cannot be observed very well. Can you tell where it is?


After finishing it,the weather changed and it was too cold for it, so till now I did not have the chance to wear it. Now I’m happy to live the summer in this dress!

Have a happy summer !

Knitting: Scarf, Hat and a Book

Hello, World!

Last year I wore my hand knitted hat which I love.
Then I wanted to make a matching scarf and because I couldn’t find the same wool, I bought new wool in 3 different colours to match the hat.
Here they are!

Handmade Hat and Scarf

For the scarf I used a knitting pattern from the book “Finishing techniques for knits”. It is a beautiful book, from which I learned and applied different techniques in the past.

I made a loop, or infinity scarf, mainly because I ran out of wool and I didnt want to buy more. I wanted to wear the set as soon as possible.

I enjoy wearing them together and love everything about this set!

This winter I wore them almost every day.


Happy knitting!

Are yo enjoy wearing accessory sets or do you like more mixing and matching?


Boiled wool jacket

When the leaves are most colourful and the grass is stil green then I love to be outside to not miss a thing from the miracle is happening with the Nature.


Last autumn I made an autumn coat, which will also be my spring coat. It is made from boiled wool and this is a fantastic fabric: warm, light, breathable, light to maintain and a bit water repellent.

I bought the green woll for a jacket then I thought it will be nice to combine it with another pattern. So here it is!


The jacket is unlined. It is closed with buttons which are made from coconut.

Here I were it with a handmade hat.


Crochet Skirt and a Summer Top

Hello, World, hello Summer!

I feel so good! The Sun is shining and the Summer arrived in the north emisphere od the globe. This means we can dress even more colourful and light.

The lightness can be seen on people faces, on the way they move, speak and smile.

I love everything about summer!

This is not supposed to be a Summer odyssey, but a sewing experience memoir, so here I am, wearing an handmade outfit composed of a crocheted skirt and a top.


The skirt was made by my mom last year. She crocheted 60 cm long stripes of lace and sew them together. It was a pattern she learned somewhere and initially she propose to make me a dress. Of course I want a crocheted dress, but I know how much work is to accomplish, such a task, so I asked for a skirt.

After 4 wees I think, she finished crocheting the entire skirt. Only a hole for inserting the zipper was to be seen. Then the summer came and I putcthe skirt away. In the winter I decided to finish it, and I looked for linings and zipper. For the lining I choosed black silk, it seemed the nicest touch and look. I tried other colours and materials,  but I decided to keep the skirt black in order to fit with everything.

The Top is made of wild silk in pale yellow. I used a Burdastyle pattern. It has princess seams and a zipper, thus means it is a fitting top, and I love it!




Flutter Dress

I made this dress last winter and it’s my most wear winter dress. It is made of wool, fully lined and it has and invisible zipper on the back.

Flutter dress



The pattern came from New Zeeland, from Papercut Pattern and it is called Flutter Blouse or Tunic. I choosed to buy the printed patern because I don’t like to glue A4 sheets. I had luck: the packaging is fabulous and the pattern is very nice, with love for detail.


Papercut Patterns

After the first fitting I decided to do the following:

  1. Make it tighter.
  2. Make it sleeveless.
  3. All I did was to create 2 darts in the front and 2 darts in the back. The sleeves were cut but not attached because it looks better sleeveless. No further modifications were needed.

Flutter dress


Flutter dress back view

The back view shows the dress after some hours of sitting down.

Because the fabric is wool I fully lined the dress, as I always do with dresses or skirts which I plan to wear in winter.


Flutter dress front view

Foe the fotoshooting I’m freezing a bit at -6 degrees. Br….

I want to make another Flutter Dress with darts but with sleeves and shorter.

What do you say?





Children wool jacket

Hello, dear readers,

I love wool! I love it because it is warm, lets the body breath, is a bit water repellant and it can be clean easily.

For those reasons I choose to make a jacket for a small boy.

Some years ago at the end of winter I sewed a jacker out of boiled  wool. It was a beautiful spring and autumn jacket, very light, and the favourite jacket of the small boy.

When I saw him with his new jacket in the sand box I thought it’s a pitty, but then I decided to not say anything and enjoy that he was wearing it. Very soon I observed how easy is to clean it.

I strongly recommend boiled wool to everyone.

Here is the second variant of the jacket. I used a Burda style pattern and I choosed to line the jacket with cotton fabric.


Wool jacket

The child made the design himself and I must confess I eliminated some of his wishes and let him draw the jacket again in the simplifid verdion. I din’t want to sew a colorful patchwork jacket. So he coloured it and I took him with me to the fabric store. This was a good decision because the shop did not have all the colours a child can imagine. He choose some fabrics and later I went again to the  store to choose the lining.

And now the pictures.



Wool jacket inside

It has a reflectant smily patch on the left arm and a small roboter.

I also attached a ribbon for hanging. I did this after photo shooting.

Do you observe the pockets?





Hello, World!

I love wild mushrooms: to colect them, cook and eat them and to observe them.

This time I found them on a fabric shop and I said “Yes, please!”.


Mushrooms fabric

And now somebody has sweet dreams, surounded by many mushrooms.

I am wondering why I did not think before that the best way to keep a child warm during the night is an overall. The babies are growing and then the small kids get real pyjamas and later we forget about the overalls! At least I forgot.


We love combinations.

So here it is the new mushroom overall made for a boy.




The lower hem is not done yet.


Technical  details:

Knit fabric

Burda style sewing pattern.

Instead of a zipper I attach snaps from Prym. This was my first time I worked with snaps and I  had a lot of fun!








Hello, world!

51PL2rSwsxL._SL1500_“Hello, world! ” is the text will usually appear on the monitor when one writes his/hers first computer program. The same I did myself long ago and I still do that sometimes when I learn a new programming language.

I am a software engineer, software developer and I LOVE to SEW. I also love knitting, crocheting and handcrafts in general.

Now I begin with the same words on the blogosphere. Strange, isn’t it? I did not take the time to properly write a blog till now – I started a couple of times and that it was! Maybe it was because I spend a LOT of time in front of a computer and to balance that I did other things.

Now I decided to write, in order to share my love for handmade with the world and get in contact with other people with similar interests.

So, here I am!

I read sewing related books. Now I enjoy “Secrets of the Couturier”

Dear reader, which is your favourite book, magazine, etc. about handcrafts?

With love,